Server Offline!

Hello Dear Friends!

We are sorry to say that, but due to low online players count we are closing the server for maintenance.

Server with more newer version, new adv campaign and big online will come soon.

Posted 29/07/2022

MuSnake x5000 Season 17 Opening June 1!

Welcome to MuSnake x5000 Season 17 Server!

Grand Opening: June 1, 18:00!
12:00 UTC -3 (Brazil, Argentina)
16:00 UTC +1 (UK)
17:00 UTC +2 (Spain, Poland, Hungary, Italy)
18:00 UTC +3 (East Europe, Greece, Turkey)
22:00 UTC +7 (Vietnam, Thailand)

We will start with 2 PvP Servers! We are expecting 1000+ players online!

Season 17 brings new features:
New Characters Kundun Memphis & Lemuria;
7th Mastery Weapon & 8th Mastery Armor;
New Maps Burning Kethotum & Old Kethotum;
New Items and Wings for New Characters;
Pentagram & Errtel Mastery System.

We have active and balanced game server, we are always opened to new ideas, so if you noticed an error, do not hesitate to contact us!

Server Information:
Version: Season 17;
Experience: x5000;
Maximum Level: 1400;
Spots: All Maps (TAB);
Reset Settings: Level 400, 500 Points * Reset Count, Reward 10 WCoins + 100 Ruud + 100 GP;
Grand Reset: from 250 Resets, 5000 WCoins.

Dynamic Experience:
0 - 25 Resets: x5000;
26 - 50 Resets: x4000;
51 - 75 Resets: x3000;
76 - 100 Resets: x2000;
101 - 999 Resets: x1000.

Game Commands:
Reset Character: /reset
Global chat: /post.
Add Stats: /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene, /addcmd.
Decrease Stats: /decstr, /decagi, /decvit, /decene, /deccmd.
OffTrade: /offtrade.
OffLevel: /offlevel (use settings from MU Helper).

Posted 30/05/2022

Currently this is only one server.